Adventures Await

So I am always looking for ways to expand my horizons and connect with others. I recently started a podcast called: The Gray Box. It is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast, and the purpose is to give helpful tips to photographers, videographers and other entrepreneurs.

The name after having a planning meeting with other entrepreneurs. Someone had asked, "How do you know what you are going to say?" I piped up and told them how my socially awkward self works.

There are three boxes that we store memories, experiences, and the words we use. The Black Box is the area where we keep stuff to the grave! The White Box is all the clean and professional words we use. Lastly, there is The Gray Box. Which is where I speak and share obstacles I've overcame, share advice, and build a community of creative entrepreneurs, communities, and individuals that want to learn about a world that isn't talked a lot about.

I'm also part of an online internet radio platform called: Run Radio. Myself and other entrepreneurs, writers, and artists share our expertise to other listeners (I'll live a link below so you can catch me and some good tunes!)

I'm always looking for feedback, so please share your thoughts to

-- Billie