The Beginning of Mountain Pine Studios

Hello, my name is Billie Wiegand with Mountain Pine Studios, and I want you to welcome you to the Mountain Pine Studios. This is where I provide some audio and visual effects to tell you about the Studio, some goals we have for the business, and some tips on either building a business or improve one's photography and videography skills. This is meant to be fun and light heart while I share some pieces of information, stories, and other things that I found helpful in my life and I hope is helpful to you. Without a further a-do, let's go ahead and start this one-sided conversation.

Mountain Pine Studios was originally Tyler Wiegand Productions back in 2019 and became an LLC in 2020, right as COVID was impacting the world. Tyler, my husband, and I still worked full time until April 2022 where I quit my 9-5 to do this full time. What usually happens when I tell people this, they turn around and say, "Congratulations." I have no idea why they are congratulating me because Tyler is the one who has to put up with my nonsense as I figure out this whole business ownership. Someone needs to tell him "Good job," for dealing with my antics. Anyways --

When we started to reconsider Tyler Wiegand Productions' image, back in February 2022, we thought that it was also important to put more time and energy. As time progress, we saw that we needed more time then what we had available, and you can't add time during the day. For me, I was working 40 hours a week, finishing a Master's degree, being pregnant, and having a small child running around the house. All while trying to do this. So, long story short I got tired of hustling and decided to do this. It has been a journey to say the least. At the time I'm making it, I've only been running MPS for a month. There has been a lot of learning, growing, and I look forward to still do those things. I'll make more posts about Tyler and I as individuals, our backgrounds, and experience. The purpose of this first video is to share the beginning of Mountain Pine Studios. I hope you continue to stick with us through this journey and it helps you grow as an individual, a business owner, a parent, as whatever you want your life to be. Until then, thrive where you are and find your determination.